Privacy Policy for

Effective Date: Junary 2024

Welcome to, a digital space where creativity and professionalism converge. We deeply appreciate your visit, and we want to ensure that you understand our privacy practices. This policy details how we collect, use, and protect the personal information you provide to us during your interaction with our website.

1. Contact Information for the Website Owner:

  • Name or legal entity: Camilo Harker Corp
  • Physical address: We are located at Calle 134 No 58c-15, Bogotá, Colombia, committed to transparency and accessibility.
  • Email address: For any queries or concerns, feel free to contact us at
  • Mobile number: We are available by phone at +57 3132441812.

2. Specific Information for Minors:

  • In our pursuit of being an inclusive space, we are proud to inform you that is suitable and safe for all audiences, including minors. Their experiences here are valuable, and we respect their privacy.

3. Collected Information: Types of collected data:

  • Names: We collect this information to personalize our communication and address you appropriately.
  • Email addresses: We use this information for effective communication and to send you relevant content.
  • Mobile numbers: To facilitate direct and efficient communication.

Collection methods:

  • Contact forms: Forms on our website are a tool to facilitate direct communication, allowing us to respond to your concerns and questions effectively.
  • Cookies: We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience and personalize your interaction with our website. You can manage your cookie preferences through your browser settings.
  • WhatsApp: The option to contact us through WhatsApp enables direct and agile communication.

Purpose of Collection:

  • Contact the interested party: We value interaction with our visitors and use the collected information to respond to their questions, comments, or requests in a personalized manner.
  • Conduct remarketing campaigns, direct mail, and email marketing: With your consent, we use the collected information to keep you informed about our activities, projects, and relevant events.

4. User Consent:

  • By sending or providing your data in a WhatsApp chat, you express your agreement for the processing of your data according to the purposes outlined in this privacy policy.
  • In case of disagreement, you have the option not to provide your data and contact us through other means or choose to leave the website.

5. Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies:

  • Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to personalize your user experience, understand your preferences, and continually improve our services. We provide you with the ability to manage your cookie preferences through your browser settings.

6. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:

  • This privacy policy is governed by Colombian Law 1581 of 2012, which establishes provisions for the protection of personal data. We reaffirm our commitment to local regulations and the security of your information.

7. Legal Measures:

  • Under Colombian law, the brands, products, and services presented on are protected by copyright. Unauthorized use will be subject to relevant legal measures, as we consider it crucial to preserve the integrity and originality of our work.

We appreciate your trust in choosing as your digital destination. We are committed to protecting your privacy and the security of your personal data. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through the email address provided above.